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Who Else Wants To Have a Happier
and Even MORE Successful Life?"


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When you think about what this could
mean for your future?

You have to read what I can share with you.


There is a very simple surefire strategy that no-one is telling you about.

By Dave Crane The Life Designer


Dave Crane hy do some people seem to effortlessly have a perfect life - while you try everything possible and get barely enough happiness, success and rewards?


What if there was a surefire way you could predict, control and guarantee everything would become completely as you’ve designed for the rest of your life.

Can you imagine just how much satisfaction this would give you every single day?

If you could have just one advantage over everyone else which could safeguard and lead you in baby steps to turn your life into an unstoppable turbocharged success magnet, this is it.

Some people won’t become rich, famous or powerful because they are petrified of failure.

Others won’t do it because they are frightened of becoming too brilliant.

Which are you?

I dare you to read this super powerful survival guide and then change the way that you think and act forever.


"It was a great experience to meet you and see how you changed YOUR life and began to realize your dreams, to feel how you want to share the tools to allow others to change their lives for the better. You have a message that people are seeking out and want to hear, and you may be creating a tribe that will have deep roots one day. You're connecting people with themselves again, reminding them that awe and wonder are a part of life, that the mediocre and mundane is to be avoided; that we are meant to be creatures of excellence, not of habit. I honestly hope your uplifting message brings you the great reward you deserve."

Lloyd De Jongh

Researcher, Speaker & Emotional & Social Intelligence Trainer.


The Life Design Aacdemy - New Year's Special Edition Ebook
Are You?...

A student

An entrepreneur or business owner

A life-long learner

Interested in getting more out of life

A professional who works with people who need to become more motivated and driven to create their own success

You are about to find out the most often overlooked truth about how to take command and drive your own future today.


“All I can say is that the teams were totally in awe and concentration levels high with the interesting and alternative approach you used. My guys were bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm and energy.”

Sally Groves, Regional ES Manager - Middle East, Pakistan, Africa & Europe Wal-Mart Global


As a teaser of what we are talking about. how would you like to be able to say with complete freedom…

“Less than 1%
of people

don’t care what their neighbours think (or say about them)

get high on waking up every morning

thrive on smart thinking and loaded comments,
have thousands of best friends worldwide,

never want
to retire,

get recognized for what they’ve given NOT taken,
have no fear
of failure,
live their 30’s,40’s,50’s and 60’s like they did their 20’s,
would rather spend their last dollar on a book than a beer,
have a Bank of Life credit card set to unlimited wealth,

can tell you why The Secret has worked for them and will
work for

have found their ‘hedgehog’

never ask permission and are happy to apologize later,

enjoy being


know it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,

know how to make passive earnings online

can name the top 10 trilogy movies and
why you
should/shouldn’t own them,
have a favourite moment in time and know there’s a better one still on the way,
lives life through their noble goal, don’t need

criticizing as they
are already working
on it
as we speak,  


would rather go to prison than be told to sit at the back
of the bus,

have defied a dictator,

upset the

apple cart,



the boat


and got out of the rat race whilst others were just settling into it.

They also wonder why the other 99% never became Life Designers too.

It’s time to design your perfect life.
The Life Design Academy will give you 12 months of inspiration, perspiration and satisfaction.

Success guaranteed.

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